Harwood And Chan Chop Big Stax Championship

Patrick Chan & Loni Harwood

Patrick Chan & Loni Harwood

The Big Stax $2,500 Championship would attract 134 total entries from different areas of the country, but in the end, it would be two old friends from New York agreeing to an ICM chop to end the event.  Loni Harwood (Staten Island, NY) and Patrick Chan (Brooklyn, NY) met over eight years ago, as their poker careers began grinding low limit cash games.

While they eventually went down different paths as time passed, they both continued to further their via tournament poker.  They also took different paths to this eventual deal, as Chan grinded through Day 1A to bag a hefty stack, while Harwood entered on Day 2 with twenty big blinds.  Their different starts resulted in similar finishes, as Harwood entered heads-up play with a slight chip advantage.  It was at that point that the two agreed upon a deal, with Loni earning $81,312 and Patrick $71,449.

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